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N 68° 49.227 E 016° 33.572
Trondenes, Harstad, Troms, Norway

Trondenes Harstad on Google maps



With the help from our sponsor Visit Harstad here is some information how to reach Harstad with several different transportation methods.

Travel by boats

There are many boats that make their way into the docks of Harstad on a daily basis. Local ferries, express boats and the famous Hurtigruten all have stops at the port in the Harstad region.

The local ferries connect between:

There are 2 express boat routes that depart from Harstad:

  • Harstad – Tromsø. The express boat on this route has ports at Harstad, Engenes, Brøstadbotn, Finnsnes and Tromsø
  • Harstad – Southern Senja. The express boat on this route has ports at Harstad, Flakstadsvåg, Skrolsvik, Krøttøy, Bjarkøy, Sandsøy, Lundenes and Kjøtta.

Troms fylkestrafikk sells tickets for bus, ferry and express boats. They have a customer service at the port in Harstad with address Rikard Kaarbøs street 2. You can reach them by telephone: +47 777 88 496 / +47 777 88 497, and their opening hours are from Monday to Friday between 08:00 – 16.30. It is also possible to visit their website at for more information. All the timetables for buses, express boats and local ferries can be found here.

Travel by Hurtigruten

Hurtigruten is often regarded as the most beautiful journey you can make on the sea. Hurtigruten travels between Bergen and Kirkenes. On the 7 day journey from Bergen to Kirkenes, you'll arrive at 34 different ports on your way to Kirkenes/Bergen. Travel through majestic fjords and visit remote ports where larger ships aren't able to get. Meet the incredible Norwegian wildlife, the breathtaking nature and fascinating culture aboard this cruise ship for panoramic views of the coast line. What makes Harstad special is that it is here where the large cruise ships meet early every morning around 7-8 AM – one going north to Kirkenes, the other going south to Bergen. Tickets are purchased online on their website or at your local tourist office.

Travel by plane

Travelling to Harstad in Northern Norway is quite easy by plane. The airport that lies closest to Harstad is Harstad/Narvik Evenes airport. It is located around 40 kilometers from Harstad and 75 kilometers from Narvik. Widerøe, Norwegian and SAS fly to Harstad from Andenes, Bodø, Tromsø, Bergen, Oslo, Sandefjord and Trondheim. Visit AviNor's website for information about all the arrivals and departures from Harstad/Narvik Evenes airport.

There is a bus that goes daily between the airport and Harstad which will make your travel from the airport to Harstad an easy and accessible one. The trip in itself is beautiful – you'll be driving through the beautiful Northern Norwegian landscape on your way there.

Timetable for the bus that goes to and from the airport can be found on Flybussen's website. Tickets are bought either on the bus or online. Remember that children, students and seniors get a discount.
These are the stops for the bus to the airport:

  • Harstad By-terminal
  • Havnegata
  • Thon Hotell
  • Borggata
  • Kanebogen
  • Tjelsund kro
  • Harstad/Narvik airport

Travel by car / camper

Travelling to Harstad by car is an adventure in itself! If you are travelling from Trondheim and traveling further north we recommend travelling along "Kystriksveien", the coastal route along the Nordland coastline from Steinkjer to Bodø – one of the «101 World's most Scenic Routes» according to National Geographic. After this follow FV 80 from Løding to Fauske. From Fauske travel E6 north all the way to Bognes where you take the ferry over to Lødingen. From here you can follow E10 towards east until you see FV 83 to Harstad.

If you are looking to drive to Harstad as quickly as possible from Southern Norway, we recommend driving the E6 from Trondheim to Bognes as shown on the map below.

If you are travelling from Tromsø we recommend following the E6 southwards to Nordkjosbotn – Bardufoss – Bjerkvik. In Bjerkvik you need to follow the E10 towards Tjelsund until you see the FV 83 to Harstad to your right.

Travel by bus

There are unfortunately no express buses that go from Southern Norway to Northern Norway. However if you are travelling within Lofoten there is an express bus that will transport between Narvik, Tjelsund bridge, Svolvær and the rest of Lofoten. You can find more information on their website for an updated timetable.

Travel by train

The northernmost place you can travel with by train in Norway is Fauske. There are buses that go to Harstad from there. The timetable is found on this website. For more information about the different departures and prices for travelling by train in Norway visit NSB's website. If you are travelling from Sweden, it is possible to travel by train to Narvik. For more information see here.